I've been awarded a Google PhD fellowship in Machine Learning.

“Google created the PhD Fellowship Program in 2009 to recognize and support outstanding graduate students who seek to influence the future of technology by pursuing exceptional research in computer science and related fields. Now in its twelfth year, these Fellowships have helped support approximately 500 graduate students globally in North America and Europe, Africa, Australia, East Asia, and India.” (Google AI Blog)

I’m happy to officially share the great news that I’m one of this year’s awardees. I’m very grateful for the support. Congrats to all the other awardees! And thanks of course to my great advisors collaborators for their support: Julie Josse, Jean-Pierre Nadal, Jean-Philippe Vert, Stefan Wager, Tobias Gauss, and others.

Imke Mayer
PhD, Research Scientist in Statistics and Causal Inference